Anarchy for sale

This project topic is “Collection Anarchie” for the Typographic course of Lars Harmsen. It is developed mixing popart and trashart with anarchy principles; freedom, lack of rules, and leader nullity. “Anarchy for sale” title is the ironic way to convert this principles into art. The work is designed for the risograph printing technology.
This paper collects my favorite punk songs shaped like an imaginary “lyrics book”. This subjective culture view, relates the most universal punk whoops with powerful modified photos.The lyrics fragments used are original from punk bands like C.R.A.S.S., Dead Kennedys, Rancid and similar…
The photographs collected from the internet belong to their respective owners.

Title: „Anarchy for sale“
Editor: Anna Deakova
Formant: 210 x 145 mm


anarchie4-298_web_01 anarchie4-299-2_1500x1000_web_01 anarchie4-300-2_1500x1000_web_01 Collection Anarchie-168 Collection Anarchie-169 Collection Anarchie-170 Collection Anarchie-171 Collection Anarchie-172 Collection Anarchie-173 Collection Anarchie-174 Collection Anarchie-175 Collection Anarchie-176 Collection Anarchie-177