Human Marvels

Imagine walking over the street and seeing a little person. What do you do? Yes, you sneak a little glimpse to feed your curiosity. When it comes to sideshows, people were staring at deformed humans who made their living exhibiting in sideshows amazing people since the 1600s with living human oddities like dwarfs, conjoined twins, magicians and other curiosities.

With sideshows mostly gone today, there is one thing we can look back to: People with handicaps doing things even people without handicaps aren’t able to do.

And therefore, children of all ages: Meet those of true greatness, those who have defeated nature and the judgement of man, meet the true human marvels!

Autor: Sascha Schilling, Michelle Flunger
Titel: Human Marvels
Auflage: 20
Format: Din A5
Umfang: 62 Seiten
Farben: Rot/Blau
Besonderheiten: Fadenheftung in rot und blau, inklusive Rot-Rot Brille
12 €

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